Locking Arms Annual Golf Tournament


As you can imagine, an event of this size requires a fair number of people working together to pull it off.  Whether you're a behind-the-scenes person who does your best work on the telephone, a people person who likes to get others excited & involved, or a worker-bee type who likes to be where the action is and pitch in where needed... WE CAN USE YOUR HELP!

Below are some of the areas that we are presently seeking volunteer help with.  They fall under FOUR categories:  Event Development (ED – assistance required in advance of the event, aka:  NOW!); Event Prep (EP – assistance needed closer to the actual event (most likely the week before) as we get things ready); Day Of (DO – assistance needed on the day of the tournament to help run the event); and Post Event (PE – assistance needed the week following our event).  Read through the descriptions, and if you see something that suits you, you can use the VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP page to join our team.  If you'll be working with us the day of the event and would like to stay & join us for the Awards Dinner you'll need to purchase a Dinner Ticket.  Go to the Registration page, select Other Purchase ONLY, then scroll down to select a Dinner Ticket.  (A portion of that ticket will be considered a donation to Locking Arms and you will receive a donation receipt AND a statement at year end for your tax purposes.)  Tournament shirts will be provided at no cost to those who volunteer to help us the day of the event and who purchase a dinner ticket.

Advertising/Promotion (ED)
We need help getting the word out.  This includes facebook posts; spreading the word in our communities, churches, businesses; handing out rack cards; hanging posters; and talking to those you know who golf & encouraging them to participate.  If you are an enthusiastic individual who loves to get people excited about something, this could be your thing!

Corporate Fundraising (ED)
We need help contacting local businesses to solicit sponsorship for our event and the work we are doing.  Visit the Sponsoring our Event page to see the various levels of sponsorship we are seeking.  This could mean contacting businesses you know (or know people who work for them), delivering letters to businesses in your community and making calls to ask for support.  If sales is your thing, what we're selling is the chance to make a difference in the lives of hurting people around the world!

Event Prep (EP)
We need help the week before the event assembling "goodie bags" for each golfer, putting together the award & recognition plaques, prepping auction items, organizing supplies & signage.  With the right group of people, we can tackle these items in NO TIME.  You bring the "can do" attitude and we'll bring the pizza!

Event Worker (DO)
We need help running the actual event.  This could mean checking in our golfers or running our "SuperPAK" sales table.  It could mean helping with our Putting Contest, tallying results, or manning one of the greens to monitor our Hole-in-One Contests.  Maybe it means manning our "International Market" where guests can "purchase" items needed in the areas we support... hammocks for special needs children in Kenya; a school uniform for a child in the hilltribes of Thailand; school supplies; medicine, etc.  Or, serving as an Event Worker could also entail assisting with the Silent Auction, Awards Presentations & Raffle Prizes.  If you enjoy being "in on the action," but don't golf, or are unable to play this year, we could really use your help with running the tournament.

Gopher (EP, DO, PE)
We anticipate needing help on a variety of "one off" type assignments.  It might mean running to the store to shop for snacks & water, picking up prize & silent auction donations, or taking down posters in various locations, or delivering auction winnings once the event is over.  And it would be nice to have a "gopher" on site the day of the event for the unexpected.  If your schedule is flexible & you are a worker bee, you'd make a good "gopher."

Prize Solicitation (ED)
We need help soliciting raffle prizes, donated items for our silent auction, and donated items for our golfer "goodie bags."  This means talking to various businesses in our communities, various business owners/operators you might know as well as friends & neighbors.  We have a creative list of gift ideas we want to find donors for and you can be creative as well.  Do you know someone who is artistically talented?  Is there something that they make, build, knit, paint, etc. that they would be willing to donate to our cause?  Do you know someone good at housekeeping that might donate a housekeeping service, or a closet organization service, a dog-walking service, a house-painting service?  Do you have connections that could give someone an "experience" to remember – backstage passes?  Ride Alongs on a news helicopter?  A chance to guest announce at a major sporting event?  Or play catch or hoops with a Pro Player?  We want to BE CREATIVE.  Are you someone who can take a list of suggestions & go to work on making it happen?  If so - you can help us with this important part of our event.

Set Up & Tear Down (DO)
We need help setting up auction tables, putting out signage both for Check-In, as well as signage on each tee & green.  We'll also need help unloading prizes, "goodie bags," water & much more.  And when it's all over, while admittedly there will be a LOT less stuff to load back up, we will need to tear it all down & leave the Country Club in GREAT condition, so they won't hesitate to allow us to use their facilities again in the future.  If you've got the back to help with the loading & unloading – have we got a job for you!

Volunteer Recruitment (ED)
We need help finding help!  If you've read through these descriptions and someone's name came to mind who would be good at something, we would truly appreciate it if you would mention it to them & help us find additional workers.  Or if you know of a group of people who like to serve together, suggest our event to them, give them the link to this website, and ask them to consider joining us.  If you're the kind of person who is always dragging their friends & family into everything you do... this job's for you!

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